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          The erstwhile Mysore State had the enviable and glorious position of establishing the first major hydroelectric generating station for commercial operations at Shivasamudra as early as 1902. The art at that time was still in its infancy, even in the advanced countries. The longest transmission line, at the highest voltage in the world, was constructed to meet the power needs of mining operations at kolar Gold Fields. Also in the year Sept, 1908 the world famous Mysore Palace was illuminated. It is one of the most magnificent buildings and is a sight not to be missed when it is illuminated on Sundays and festive occasions. In the year 1909, the power supply was arranged for 600 Street Lights and there were 617 consumers. The generating capacity of the Shivasamudra Power House gradually increased to 42 MW in stages. To meet the increasing demand for power, the Shimsha Generating Station, with an installed capacity of 17.2 MW, was commissioned in the year 1940. The power demand was ever on the increase, for industries and rural electrification, and additions to generating capacity became imperative.


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